Aspect Capable Case Study

Format: Case Study Promo
Duration: 6.51 secs
Torrid Films produced this case study for Aspect Capable, the employment arm of Autism Spectrum Australia. The case study features two young men with Autism, who, with Aspect Capable’s support, have taken up employment with two well known Australian companies.


Eureka Prize Promo

Format: Promo
Duration: 0.32 secs
CSIRO’s National Outlook, was a finalist in the Eureka Prize 2016 for Interdisciplinary Scientific Research. Torrid Films was engaged by Canberra-based production company, Redboat, to write, direct and edit the promo. Redboat produced.


Tamarrah’s Story

Format: Mini Doco
Duration: 4.35 mins
Over 12 months Torrid Films, in partnership with Southern Cross University and UNSW, was commissioned by National Disability Services (NDS) to produce a series of films on NDS’ “Community Inclusion Initiative”. Torrid’s crew together with researchers from the universities visited 11 disability organisations around Australia to document the new activities being undertaken by 47 people with disability and their families. The result is seven illuminating short films. The others can be found on the “All Videos” page on this site.


Festival Of Democracy Highlights

Format: Event Video
Duration: 3.04 mins
Torrid Films produced this short highlights reel for the annual Festival of Democracy 2015 held at Sydney University.
Other videos produced by Torrid from the same event include full length session titles, “Despair and Defiance”, “We Need To Talk About Spain”, and, “Surveillance, Facts and Fictions”.


Beyond the Biscuit Aisle (Excerpt)

Format: Corporate
Duration: 1.37 mins
Torrid Films produced this corporate for the Choose & Connect Team from Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect). Aspect partnered with Coles Hurstville to employ people on the spectrum in a voluntary capacity. The program helps adults with autism develop skills in a workplace setting. Aspect hope to expand the program within NSW as a result of this trial.  Watch the full video on the “All Videos” page on this site.


Game On

Format: Science Fiction Short Film
Duration: 6.52 mins
Inside a violent video game, where punks roam the corridors and peacekeepers shoot to kill, a cleaner dreams of being upgraded to a game character until a young hacker gets into the system and short circuits his options. The film was written, produced and uploaded in just 30 days for a special science fiction film festival challenge. The project was a co-production between Torrid Films and Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) that brought together many creative talents both on and off the spectrum working alongside professionals and non-professionals in creating a truly collaborative piece of light entertainment.


One in 5

Format: Short film
Duration: 9:21 mins
Rita, Shaun and Charlie have dreams like anybody else but difference makes independence, earning a living and being treated as equal all the harder to achieve. One in 5 is the resulting short film made through the 1 in 5 Film Project – a joint initiative of Torrid Films and Rozelle Neighbourhood Centre through the support of the NSW Government through Arts NSW and Ageing, Disability and Home Care. The film premiered at the inaugural Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival in August 2014.



Format: Short film
Duration: 2:27 mins
Intentions are hard to read and promises even harder to keep… after 28 years of marriage.
Julie McGregor plays Daphne Hagney, a forthright woman of few compromises who isn’t one to suffer fools. Daphne is married to Frank, a retiree, volunteer fire fighter and reluctant gardner. Life in the slow lane trundles along leaving few stones unturned and even less magic in its wake. Zoë Harvey wrote and directed, camera work by Tony Leach, Set Dressing by Lise Buckeridge, Sound Post by Geoff McGarvey.


Coming Home Again

Format: Music video
Duration: 3:23 mins
Zoë Harvey of Torrid Films wrote, directed, and co-edited this debut music video for  Independent Singer/Songwriter, Kell Taylor. Torrid Films co-produced the clip with BAMM (Biloela Arts Music Media).