The Committee Comedy-drama Series

Format: Short Form Comedy-drama Series
Duration: 7 x 10 mins

Status: The scriptwriting stage is now complete and interest from a broadcaster and funding bodies is currently being sought.

Public servant Melody – ambitious, driven and breathtakingly incompetent, fails spectacularly at every turn in her newly appointed duty as Chair of a group of unexpectedly thorny people with disabilities.

Treatment: Argy bargy unleashed.

The Oracle TV Series Pilot

Format: half hour TV drama pilot script
Duration: 24 mins

Status: Seeking executive producer/network interest.

The trials and tribulations of a community newspaper and its foolhardy editor whose thirst for fame at any cost sees him do anything and risk anyone to get the scoop on stories better left to the big-city tabloids… or last the distance to the fortnightly print run.

Notes: This is the pilot episode for a proposed six part TV half hour drama series.