The Committee

TV Series

Genre: Comedy-drama 

Format: Short form series

Stage: Full scripts

Duration: 7 x 10 mins

Status: Currently seeking broadcaster interest and production funding.

Public servant Melody – ambitious, driven and breathtakingly incompetent, fails spectacularly at every turn in her newly appointed duty as Chair of a group of unexpectedly thorny people with disabilities.

Treatment: Argy bargy unleashed.


Short Film

Genre: Drama

Format: Short film

Stage: Script

Duration: 22 mins

Status: With the script approaching ‘lock off’ production funding will shortly be sought.

Info/Synopsis:                                                        In God’s waiting room a long held secret burns deep in Imelda’s heart embittering her last years and poisoning what’s left of her marriage, until its discovery by a nurse presents her with a terrible choice; take it with her or set it free?

Treatment: Life matters in a sterile bubble.

the oracle

TV Series Pilot

Genre: Comedy-drama

Format: Half hour TV drama

Stage: Script

Duration: 24 mins

Status: Seeking executive producer/network interest.

The trials and tribulations of a community newspaper and its foolhardy editor whose thirst for fame at any cost sees him risk anything and anyone to get the scoop on stories better left to the big-boy tabloids….

Treatment: Chaos works here.